07 February 2017

Wifi Tip

Recently I heard during a cell phone pitch on television, that when you are in a WiFi hot spot, the data usage on WiFi is free. Not exactly.
On my prepaid for emergency Tracfone, I bought a chunk of data. This morning I see data is depleted. Huh? I use the Internet mainly at home, as in rarely away from my WiFi network. I've had a Tracfone for over 12 years without any major problems. The problem with data usage and WiFi isn't the Tracfone service. It is the cell phone's WiFi setting. The WiFi connection can turn OFF on its own. (I missed that part on the television pitch.)
Here is the tip:

Always make sure your cell phone WiFi Setting is turned ON!
There are features on a cell phone, like power saver mode or GPS, that can sometimes turn the cell phone's WiFi to OFF.

Also, the first time I connected my cell phone to my personal WiFi network, I am 99.9% positive I read once it is connected, it stays connected. Not exactly. Again, If the WiFi feature on the cell phone is turned OFF, then you have to connect it again.

Happy Data Usage!
Beautiful Green, June 2016 digital photo