17 February 2017

What's With the Branches?

Is it a trauma from a past life where the World will end if we run out of kindling wood!? I see a branch on the ground, and I have all I can do not to pick it up, take it home to put in a vase or add to my little garden. Thankfully I have better control over branch collecting than I do chocolate.
Outdoor Black Locust Branches

I remember as a child loving branches, little sticks and such. I didn't carry one around like a lantern or sword, but I did feel a special connection with them. Adults are trees. Kids are branches. I think if I listed favorite things to do for a living, collecting kindling wood and branches for art would be on the top ten.

Indoor branches with faux bird

The more texture and gnarly the branch, the better. Twists and turns make a good branch story. However, I take what I can find. During the holidays they serve as ornament trees, and throughout the year, a perch for bird. As the seasons progress, a flower or two can be added to a bouquet of  branches in an elegantly tall glass vase.

Is there an element of Nature that you are drawn to?


  1. I love branches too, Maywyn. I especially love to bring home the weathered ones I find on the beach. I love bringing all kinds of things home from a nature walk...a wonderful post! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Celia,
      I enjoyed your cheery sunflower painting.
      A great week-end to you! I hope you find lots of interesting subjects to paint from your travels.

  2. I love branches as well-I guess that's why I love bare trees so much. I used to carry big branches around with me when I was a kid, and bounce them up and down on the ground. It was great fun! I'm so glad I remember those play times as a child...

    1. Hi Debra,
      Wow, I remember bouncing branches! We use to whip them through the air so them make that swishing sound. Its amazing how kid's can create amusement with Nature.
      Have a Great Week-end! Grab a branch and reminisce


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