03 February 2017

Tips on How to Build a Blog Reading List

Creating a solid blog reading list takes time

1.  Write a list of subjects you are interested in like cooking, hiking, art, music, reading, log cabins, Nature, quilting, trucks, poetry, photography, soccer
2.  Search the Internet with that list adding the keyword: Blogs
3.  Read what you find interesting. There may be business related results like best blogs, how tos, and such. Check out the blogs with a good snippet
4.  Visit blogs those bloggers recommend; ask friends what they read; and check out the news articles for links to interesting blogs
5.  Use bookmarks until you decide on blogs to either subscribe to via email or follow

Photography blogs

I chose "Top 100 Photography Blogs Every Photograph Must Read" on Feedspot. That list begins with the website, 500px, a blog I've read, and like. I then search Feedspot Reviews to get an idea what Feedspot is about. I look at the PCMagazine article because I like PCMagazine.  I also visit the website for 18 Great Photography Blogs to You Should Be Reading, ResourceMagOline.

I now have good resources to search for blogs about photography.
What I look for are blogs I've already read, know about, and like the snippet for. I see listed on the 18 Great one I'm familiar with, The Sartorialist. One day you might start dreaming of dressing like one of the people in the photographs there. I have.

Now I not only have resources, I also have more confidence I'm on the right path. I feel it is important to go with your instincts for what is good for you. Whenever a website doesn't give you that trust vibe, then take note, move on, click out of there, leave, close the tab, and delete that history. If a blogger complains a lot, mentions a foe or an ex too often, then I'm gone because I feel that bitterness might flow over to other things, like a blow up I don't want to be a part of. That is especially good to remember when leaving comments.

Always be cautious, aware of, and unafraid to search reviews for whatever blogs you decide to follow by bookmarks, email or follow. Base your choices on what your Brain and Heart tell you. If at any time that changes, then don't feel bad about backing away. Read blogs that are uplifting, interesting and a positives influence on your life.

Happy Reading!

Field Puddle in Winter, digital photo©2017


  1. Too many blogs and too little time. Oh well.

    1. Hi Tabor,
      I love your woods photograph of the deer.
      Managing blog reading is another post. I find a combination of emails, bookmarks, and following sort out the ones I regularly read so they don't get overwhelming.

  2. I am somewhat haphazard in what blogs I follow, but I rarely unfollow because I start to get comfortable with the people who are writing them and then I don't want to leave them.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      I hope all is going well with you.
      I don't reorganize/shorten the list for the blogs I follow anymore because I've lost too many good ones along the way.


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