18 February 2017

The Curly Clouds

Curly Cloud One

Unusual clouds are a favorite to photograph. A closer look shows it is twisting, as curls will do. Note the branch in the foreground right, best seen in the 2nd photo as a position marker. Both curly clouds form in nearly the exact place in the sky on the same afternoon, within an hour of each other. The first is completely gone before the second one forms.

Curly Cloud Two,

Thinking in primitive scientific terms, I might look down to see where the land is below the curly clouds. What is it about the terrain that causes those vaporous spirits to rise like that on a February afternoon? Is it magic, a magical place? The clouds look happy.

A few thousand years ago or even a few hundred, had I lived then, I might create a myth about those February clouds. Thus, on Tell a Fairy Tale Day, 26 February, those clouds are the subject of the fairy tale I will write and post.

Have a fun week-end finding your magic!


  1. Cute-looking clouds. I wonder what causes them to form in this way.

    1. Hi Loree,
      I think wind, altitude, and the amount of vapor are factors in the way clouds form. I remember when I see smooth clouds, the wind up there is stronger. The explanations for each formation is like learning math. :)
      Have a fun week!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Linda,
      Love the goat yoga video you posted.
      Have a Happy Week!


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