24 February 2017

Stuff and Perspective

Neighbors, Digital photo 2017

In my heart, I prefer the countryside. I also like a small town where I can walk to places, sit in a park, hear lawn mowers, people, and dogs barking. I want neighbors. Thankfully, I live in such a place. Yet, walks in the woods, riding a tractor, growing produce for a food shelf, open fields, a good sledding run, hearing the wind race through the tree tops do pull at the imagination. And yet another yet...the old voice reading elsewhere reminds me of words that, making life what it is with what you have. How do you face where you are is where you are, and that's it?
The answer is easy for the elderly or can be. A good shredder, and clearing out belongings you don't use or need anymore to prepare for the end of life days free from being tethered to things. I can see feeling brand new without all the baggage lovingly carried through the years filling up closets, drawers, bins and boxes.* Down sizing feels wonderful, open, full of possibilities. I believe the process at any age can help a person feel more connection to Self than their Stuff.
Trying to unload  give a son his things I've saved, the conversation...
Son: "No, Mom, you keep those. They mean so much to you to have them"
Mom/me: "That's so sweet. But, they will mean even more to me with you at your house than here at mine."

* To be fair...there's also more room for summer yard sale stuff. :)


  1. AS that recent news articles says, no one wants your stuff/junk. I have gotten rid of stuff over the years, but still have so much more to part with. I live in a fairly large house where it can be tucked away in closets and the attice and hung on walls. I REALLY need to get rid of stuff!

  2. Hi Tabor,
    True. The best way to down size its commit, and have places where the donations will serve best.
    It puzzles the adult children don't want their scribble papers on my address book from when they were toddlers. :)


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