25 February 2017

Still Life

Still Life, Stone & Dry Stems
Last February 2016 the above photo is taken for a still life study.
This one deserves a painting. I'm feeling acrylic in robust brush strokes.
Years ago on the week-end, I use to post a list of fun things to do.
Here goes...

Browse the Internet for:
pictorial draperies, curtains, fabric, or vintage barkcloth 
Sing a song to a cloud
Bake an apple turnover
Create a recipe for a dinner meal
Read the dictionary
Learn how to say,Hello. How are you? in Chinese
Buy a new lipstick
Play a harmonica
Read a book
With a cup of tea, stare at the room you like best
Have a nice walk with a love one


  1. A beautiful photo-I hope you will paint it....LOVE all your suggestions too.

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thank you. I hope to paint tomorrow for a Monday post.
      Prayers you don't have flooding there.
      Its raining heavily here tonight.


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