03 February 2017

Painting Winter and a Request for a Better Laptop Design

Here are the photos I'll be painting from. 

In the meantime, to those who design laptop keyboards...
Add a raised bar between the keyboard and touch pad that prevents wrists from touching whatever is deleting what is being typed!

Wrists are not arched.
People hands will rest.
Think about it.
Thank you


  1. I sometimes wonder who does design certain everyday things. Like chairs which have arm rests so you have to put your arms at a really uncomfortable angle to rest them!

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Oh those arm chairs! I know the ones you mean. I sat in one that put my arm to sleep.

  2. Can't wait to see your paintings Maywyn. How about that deer? I have read your newer post about your pain-I'm so sorry you've got to live with it. It sounds like you are aggressively dealing with it. And even though you say you are depressed-I see a 'sunshine' attitude. I really do. And I do know about depression-perhaps not an all the time thing-but I do know it. I think I have the winter kind-I know sun helps me a lot. Take good care, sweet friend! :)

    1. Hi Debra,
      The deer is ready for the next phase. I finally bought aluminum foil, and found a perfect wire shape the antlers. What's more is the table is cleared off so I can find it all. :)
      Your painting every day has been an inspiration. I'm hoping this week to get started on my own painting every day as well as finishing up the deer.
      Have warm and safe from winter's weather week!


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