10 February 2017

Happy Umbrella Day!

My Favorite Umbrella photograph

I had an edgy post  pre-written in my brain last night. Here goes...Circa 1970s I saw a cartoon in a magazine where a man is painting on a ladder with an umbrella on his arm to catch the paint drips while the paint brush is above the umbrella. He can't see the brush, but he is protected from the paint dripping on him. The cartoon impressed me. I recall the paint is green and the rest of the illustration is black and white.
The magazine is about global news, and I think the word "world" is in the title. I haven't been able to find it on the Internet. I did find World Magazine, but it's a Christian based publication. The magazine I recall is global news magazine.
If you see an image or article that impresses you, then for your sanity, write down the citation, the source, and/or keep a copy. I cut out the cartoon. It was in my desk decor for years. That most significant umbrella should be remembered by more than the message.
If you know of that cartoon, them please post a comment.
Thank you


  1. Is it this one?
    I hope the link works - I didn't want to post or send an image that may be under copyright.

  2. Similar, but without date on the link's cartoon, I can't say for sure. The cartoon I remember is I believe is circa 1980s, early 1990s. Thank you for finding that.


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