11 February 2017

Gleaners to Cell Phones

Cartoon in Progress,

The rough sketch is the results of viewing in Wikiart.org keyword: Gleaners. Decades ago I did a study drawing from Millet's, The Gleaners, noting a study of, artist, and my initials and date. Doing studies is a learning tool. Always cite the original painting and that it is a study of. At the time I was planning a painting of harvesting.

How did my mind in 2017 go from gleaners to the figure on a cell phone? On my Once in a While I Do List is creating cartoons. My thoughts flow from 18th Century harvesting > every era must have an iconic figural pose > what is it for 2017? > aha > the sketch of face in a phone. Artwork from 160 years ago inspiring art today, and for always.
The Gleaners, Jean-Francois Millet, 1857


  1. Dear Maywyn - your cartoon sketch is great...your ink lines are so free and you have captured the movement too. The classic painting of The Gleaners is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Hope your weekend is wonderful. Hugs!

    1. Thank you, Debbie
      Great weekend to you

  2. That sketch is eye-catching. I see a potential there.

  3. Perfect, Maywyn-you are so right-it is iconic for this time in history. Very good drawing too!

  4. First time posting from phone. Dear me I do so dislike this d! That puts eds it not where I type them. Lol


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