08 February 2017

Art Models and Old Photographs

Permelia in her White Hat, Vintage Photo
Many years ago browsing the Kennedy Brothers Antique Loft on the week-end was a fun week-end pastime. Alas, circa the late 1990s, the space closed. I believe easy online selling changed the antique, flea market, and garage sale market. I cringe when thinking of all he wonderful photographs I didn't buy like the dapper man in a summer straw hat, stripe suit jacket and white pants posing in front of a Victorian porch, and the over size photographs of pyramids in Egypt.
That is the time interest in shabby chic began, and I wanted a wall of vintage photographs of ladies in big hats. The lady in the photo here is my first purchase. By the time I had a few, my decor preferences had changed. The ladies are now in a folder to be used as models for my artwork.

I've decided to name her, Permelia.


  1. I love vintage photos.

  2. Hi Linda,
    I wish the names were on the photos more often. It would be nice if she has a name. Happy Week!

  3. The stories that they could tell are always what catches my eye. Who was she, why this photo, and what was she thinking.

    1. Hi Tabor,
      Those stories are intriguing to think about, even create.

  4. Love old photos! Funny you should post this, as I have a pile of old photos, and I'm trying to decide which ones I'll paint from.

    1. Hi Debra,
      Paint them all in various settings and/or use them as models for your folk art dolls.


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