14 February 2017

Art and the Heart

Heart and Its Blood Vessels, XV-XVI Century, Leonardo da Vinci

Texture means something.
Life doesn't always set out a neat picnic cloth under a shady old tree on a beautiful summer's day or on a winter's day with hot chocolate thermoses and a bit of a bon fire surrounded by icy forts and a stack of snowballs at the ready. Beauty is there and there, plucking the fancies from our hearts like tiny prisms landing on our eyelashes...nothing we can hold, put in our pocket or rest on a shelf. We take, examine, and process what presents itself, using our magic to get through the tough, and stream cleansing smiles when good abounds. 


  1. I had this same image as my screen saver for awhile years back. Currently it is his Vitruve Luc Viatore. Thank you for the reminder of this one. Perfect for today <3

    1. Hello there,
      Every time I organize my desk area, I think of how great you made your space. Happy Blogging!

  2. Do you notice that a good art show makes you realise how much there is to see in the world. Every time I try to draw something seriously I marvel at how much I just glance at every day when really I could spend hours looking.

    1. Hello Jenny,
      Good way to put it.
      Yes, that is a feeling I get at art shows and galleries. The experience is refreshing as if I notice a new world.


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