14 January 2017

What can you do today that will make your summer happy?

Lists are like photographs, short and easy audience participation. Here are some suggestions to push away the winter blues, and plan a happy summer.

1. Plan outings that are old and new
Different places to explore, write about and take pictures to put in a journal about your participation on planet Earth. For the old, create new ways to refresh that magic. Sew a  special picnic cloth, find a big basket, fancy dinnerware, and recipes for salads and sandwiches.

2. Redesign your summer wardrobe
Without looking, write down your favorite summer clothes from number one to keeping just in case. Every wardrobe should have basics like black, white shirt, jeans, dress, suit, raincoat, rain boots, sandals. sneakers, hiking boots, and a pair of fierce in these I am shoes. What do you want your summer you to look like?

3. Plan a garden
In the ground or container, growing even the smallest fresh food can be inspiring. Getting you hands dirty in the ground, wearing gloves or not, is an experience that has a burst of benefits that radiate from the tiny bit of soil to your highest dreams. However...Are you up to date for your Tetanus Shot?
In the 1950s I remember the word lockjaw well because it was not uncommon to hear it in a discussion when we got cuts and scrapes. I was told its not just about rusty nails because the bacteria is in the dirt on the rusty nail. The smallest cut is a way in for the bacteria.

4. Browse sandals
During the winter for a cheery pick me up, and before your favorites are sold out, shop online for ideas and a special pair of sandals.

5. Browse umbrellas with a vibrant print.
Umbrella Day is 10 February. Make a salad that says summer rain and rainbows.


  1. Dear Maywyn - you got me hooked on all that summer planning. Maybe if I get busy I will be ready for warmer days. For sure it will make winter blues fade away. Hugs!

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I hope your January is going well.
    Speaking of hooked...hook umbrellas are a favorite. On my wish list are the London, Bird Cage and Fulton Kensington bubble umbrellas at Ella Umbrella out of MN.


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