04 January 2017


Summer Breezes, acrylic mixed media triptych in progress
Hello 2017 to the world of color for this acrylic mixed media triptych of cheese cloth, pumice and gesso. I believe the original date is 2010 or thereabouts, and finished in the white until yesterday morning when I began adding color. Only posting finished projects isn't realistic because its going to take a long time to bring the three panels into the summer breezes my muse is insisting must be. (And, I didn't remember that bit until after planning this post. My bad.)
I suspect there will be more fabric in a favorite print, painted on cotton before blending it across the three. Its easier to do it that way, cutting them a part at the edges. Adding the cheese cloth dampened with water, then soaked with gesso makes the application easier as well as more stable on the canvas, and the same goes for the print. Gauzy says summer. The open weave allows color as well as textures to show through. The direction in color isn't for all three to look the same. Drawing the hues across the three like the materials is the plan.

If you haven't tried a triptych or a diptych ( 2 paintings), then 
I recommend trying a small sketch or two as a start.

Closer to actual colors


  1. Are you on twitter? If so, you might enjoy joining in on - or even just following - one of the monthly personal challenges, like DrawingAugust. Right now, it's SketchJanuary. It can be a surprisingly supportive and inspiring experience.

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Twitter is nice to keep up with selective news. I haven't tried it for art. I'll take a look. Thank you


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