07 January 2017

Six Panel Lampshade Make Over

Remove all the trim
Make a template for the panels
Wash the fabric for shrinkage and to make sure it doesn't run, colors bleed. Use a color fast fabric.
Iron fabric, cut out the panels.

Tailor panels to fit inside the sections along the very edges.
Straight pin the fabric with the wrong size facing out.
Lightly mark where the metal frame is on both sides to cut the finished panel to fit well.

Select trim color as well as texture that goes well with the fabric pattern

Glue fabric panels to lampshade
Add trim
Note, the panel on the left isn't the tail of the bird on the right. The panels are arranged that way to appear to be continuous. When using a pattern, make sure you have enough yardage to cut out panels that you can blend well.

The vintage screen print sample fabric is named, "Amazon Life.," Maker Unknown. If you know the maker, then please leave a comment. Thank you

This is my first take apart lampshade make over. The white glue is messy without a damp sponge to wipe off glue, and a very damp wash cloth to wipe my hands. I make mistakes like cutting the panels not wide enough on a particular motif section that I patched, not having a good glue process in place, and cutting the trim pieces too short the first time. Overall, not looking too close, the lampshade looks nice.
I now have my sights on a larger six panel lampshade.


  1. Fantastic result! Wow, that must be very satisfying :)
    I've never tackled a lampshade, but I remember talking with a woman in CO who made custom fabric shades - her biz name was "The Shady Lady." Funny the things you remember!

  2. Hi Quinn,
    Cold in these parts today. Stay warm and safe on the icy ground when it gets this cold.

    Thank you.
    I almost didn't use the dark brown trim. I was looking for the right shade of teal or making the trim with the same fabric. Now I prefer the dark brown. Next time, I'll remove the outer fabric to use as a pattern for a continuous piece instead of individual panels. That way will be less glue, less room for mistakes, and easier to finish.

  3. Very nicely done! I really like the fabric you used, it's sort of Jacobean and old world like.

    1. Thank you, Jeri
      I found the sample piece at a thrift shop many years ago. There were other smaller pieces attached in different colors. Alas, I lost the paper that was attached.


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