23 January 2017

Planners and Perspective

I'm almost up to speed with the calendar feature on my cell phone. The keys to success are clicking Save, entering the correct information, and giving each entry a unique look. I also use a planner big enough to not get lost in purses or junk mail. A large pad blotter style calendar on your desk under clear plastic is ideal. There is one more Monday left in January. Calendars should be on or near going on sale for 2017. An extra monthly planner for art shows or other activities can be fun as well as inspirational.

The photo posted here today is my attempt to use the Fish Eye camera setting. I was reading about fore-shortening, and found the subject in photography, Perspective Distortion.  Fore-shortening is a perspective that I need to work on because I struggle with how to foreshortened tree branches. This week is all about planners and perspective.


  1. I have a small calendar in my purse. I do not want to start depending on my phone,because then I would feel I had to add to my laptop calendar as well and both would loose power and I would still rely on paper.

  2. Hi Tabor,
    Good point. A small calendar in my purse is a good idea. Thank you
    I've never used the computer calendar because I always have one at my desk, and it is a bit of bother to use. Paper is also my preference.

  3. My cell phone is an ancient Tracphone-not even for sale any more!!! I think it's 10 years old-maybe older. Still works perfect, and I can text with it! But no photos or any thing else. I keep it for emergencies-and I have had to use it when my car when ka-put,so it's a good little phone, even though it's so out of date.

    1. Hi Debra,
      I bet we have the same phone. I bought my first Tracfone in 2005 to have in the car for emergencies. I've kept all but one of my cell phones.


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