15 January 2017

National Hat Day

Summer Hat, ink & watercolor rough sketch, ©2017*

Hat Museum
Amesbury, Massachusetts

John Batterson Stetson, Cowboy hat inventor

Mr John, Popular American milliner 1940s and 1950s

* My personal hat design: center green mesh allows escape of heat and air circulation, floral back, fine (bug deterent ) netting, faux feather, fabric flowers and leaves, chiffon swirls on a medium straw brim (between a wide and a short). The feather and flower spray are for fancy dress. The summer hat to be worn regularly won't have that part.


  1. Hello and thank you Loree
    Its fun to design your own hats, going over in your mind all the possible materials to use. I hope by this summer that hat is created and complete.
    Have a wonderful week

  2. Will you actually make the hat? You should. I love making hats, although they are very small hats. We should wear hats more often, like our mothers did and every other generation before us did.

    1. Hello Jeri,
      Yes, the hat will be made. Browsing millinery supplies, I found a website that has a hat base the shape of the center. My design will be adjusted to fit the materials available. This is my first hat to make on my own. I want it to be my go to hat on the feminine side. I considered a baseball cap. I need a brim and flowers. :)

  3. This will be a beautiful hat,I love the thought you have put into it. Can't wait to see it!

  4. Hello Celia,
    Prayers no more big earthquakes. I hope you are safe.
    The hat design is evolving into one I can easily sew. The flowers are the most difficult decisions.


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