01 January 2017

Experiment in Blogging

The December 2016 posting schedule is an exercise that was more interesting that anticipated. The goal is to see how handling a full time website will be. The result:
- Six times a week is too much (for me)
- Draft for posts 4 weeks into the future
- Post features on a weekly and monthly basis
- Limit features to art related (stretching allowed)
- Post finished projects
Farewell 2016

The January 2017 schedule is in progress.
Tomorrow is Reflection Monday, first Monday of each month. Monday is a photograph, sometimes with website addresses to visit, (no link), with a quote, and music link. Wednesday is my art, and that of other artists. Thursday is  poetry when written. Friday is open to post or not to post chit chat, stuff I found on the Internet, holidays, book reviews, and such. Saturday is a finished craft project of mine or one I find online well done with pictures and clear instructions.

January Posting Schedule
  • Monday Photograph and Music
  • Wednesday Art
  • Thursday Poetry
  • Friday Open
  • Saturday Handicrafts

Five days looks like a lot but two of the posts are short and easy. Friday is open when there's more to post about or less to not post about. It is crucial to not allow the lack of energy from  depression, fibromyalgia or life in general rule the days. The schedule for January will be reviewed and adjusted if need be for February.

What's on the schedule so far for January:
- 15th National Hat Day                        
- 21st Squirrel Appreciation Day       
- 27th Chocolate Cake Day              


  1. Boy are your organized. I just post whenever the brain diarrhea hits me.

    1. Hi Tabor,
      That's a funny way to look at posting.

      I also plot every rest stop along the way. Being prepared helps ease the anxiety.

  2. "Squirrel Appreciation Day" - that made me smile! I have quite a group of the little acrobats here, and although I try to keep them from getting ALL the birdseed, I do appreciate them :)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      The squirrel photo you posted is adorable.

      A treeless backyard has caused the squirrels to move next door where there are trees. Their tracks are across the snow on the roof where they jump from from the foundation locust trees out front.


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