30 January 2017

Car Battery, Winter and the Adirondack Mountains

New and under warranty or not, a vehicle battery can be testy in winter. A mechanic once told me if a driver only uses the car for short trips, then that start and stopping drains a battery in winter. Its good to take the car for ride to let the battery charge.
Alas, today portable battery chargers are affordable, and well worth the money whether you need to use it or not. I don't leave mine in the car. And, make sure it is turned off after you use it.
Read the Directions Carefully!
If your battery is under warranty, and needs a jump too often when the temperatures go below freezing, then you have to follow the directions to have it replaced. I understand that means a trip a garage to have it tested to see if the battery is holding a charge. 

Until then, I sometimes go see the landscapes of New York State and Vermont. Here are a few photographs taken the other day from the Dead Creek Visitor's Area. I was sad there isn't more snow until I saw in the distance huge white mountains when going down the road just around the corner from Addison Four Corner's Store. Unless you pull over along Route 22A, its not a good idea to sight see while driving. For passengers, on Route 22A looking west, the view shows higher peaks in the farthest distance. The pictures here are taken below that route where the higher peaks aren't as visible. It's still overwhelming beautiful to see them. In the distance, the farthest away look like a cloud bank, but they are mountains.
Adirondack Mountains looking northwest from Dead Creek Visitor's Area

Adirondack Mountains looking west from Dead Creek, Vermont

Adirondack Mountains January 2017 from Dead Creek, Panton, VT


  1. Mountains certainly change perspective.

    1. That's true, Tabor
      When I first caught a glimpse of the big snow topped mountains far away, I giggled like I was a kid again. :)

  2. Beautiful photos! I have been to Vermont many times and think it is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Linda
      Upstate New York is quite a contrast from Manhattan. Beautiful as Vermont for sure.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Debra
      Your blog's painting tips are much appreciated!


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