07 January 2017

Bird Watching

If you don't watch the website already, Cornell Lab Bird Cams, then I highly recommend it.
This morning the page loads. I see ducks running across the ice towards the shore of the pond. I didn't know ducks can run that fast!
What's going on? They look so adorable running, waddling the way they do.
The squirrels want some of that food as well.
Imagine starting your day to Nature's beauty instead of depressing news.
Adirondack Mountains New York State, January 2017


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Tabor,
      I've never seen ducks in a row running like that. It is something that could bring Peace to a lot of the world.
      Wishing you a fantastic weekend!

  2. Nothing make a flock of Ducks waddle faster than shaking the corn can!

    1. Hi Jeri,
      I hope someday you can make a video of your flock scurrying to the corn. :)
      Have a wonderful weekend!


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