13 January 2017

Banner Direction

A direction doesn't always work out the way you have planned out in your mind. It can become confusing as well as frustrating to redesign your blog's graphics. Old sketches might be a window to the obvious via what you keep going back to, and still like the style of. The rough watercolor above (in various forms as banners and columns) is a theme that I've doodled for over thirty years. They remind me of the classy illustrations over the first page of a book chapter. Printer's ornaments felt like my kind of picture as a child, a small and a small.The elements usually in my color sketches are blueberries, acorns, holly,pine branches, assorted berries, ribbon, fruit, grapes, stylized leaves,scrolls, and a dash of Art Nouveau with black wrought ironwork. Once I added squirrels to the doodle. It was a riot of ideas.


  1. Maywyn-this is just lovely. Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful art.

    1. Thank you Debra
      I appreciate your support immensely.
      Have a beautiful and creative week-end!


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