21 January 2017

And the banner brain storming keeps rolling on

Banner design rough color drawing long version
After the first banner drawing, another direction emerges. Same path. Different story. I've been using a Canson (65 pound paper) recycled spiral sketchbook. When held at in the right angle and light, a slight three dimensional aspect is seen from the watercolors soaking into the paper fibers. Thus, the move to Bristol Board and color ink for the next round. I've also had the idea to use polymer clay and other materials to create a 3D model. Sketching is good, but being able to arrange the elements is better. A wire base with branches will be easier to use for those let me see how that looks moments. There's so much going on in this banner flourish spray thing, that it takes time to decide what kind of flowers to add, simple or intricate wildflowers. Going from doodling to finished artwork is like shopping for an Easter outfit with my grandmother when I was a kid. We'd sometimes return to the same store a few times, more than I felt the clerks were happy about. Yet, she did finally purchase what she set out to. I'm hoping that will soon be the case with my blog banner.


  1. It looks beautiful just as it is to me - but like you I would not be happy until I have got it exactly how it should be.

    1. Thank you Jenny
      It's a fun process that I will be happy to see finished. :)

  2. I love it! It's delicate and well done. I'm so happy you are coming forth with more of your art. And if you do decide to paint everyday-post some paintings!

    1. Thank you Debra
      Your encouragement has been very helpful. I'm even thinking about an every day painting challenge. :)


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