06 January 2017

American Chestnut Background

The new blog background photograph is of an American Chestnut tree.
I allow use of the photo with the Studio Maywyn attribute (citing blog name) for non commercial purposes.

A Goal 2017 is to have a larger all in one desk PC with a big monitor (above 17 inches) for mostly editing photographs, graphics, and such. I like laptops. I like better a desk PC. There is something about a hand held phone with wires going into the wall, and a computer set up the same that feels grounded, safer, easier to handle, and, less likely to cause problems. Naive I be? You betcha.

As a reminder... January is a good time to review all your passwords, email addresses, blogs and such. I have a rule that once I remember a password without looking at what's written down, then its time to change passwords. Sensitive passwords for personal email and such, change the passwords more often. I recommend changing the main passwords every month. And don't forget to write down the date with the new password, and, review the contact email addresses associated with the passwords.

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