17 December 2016

Winter is Four Days Away

Oh really.
As the snowflakes fall in a beautiful holiday way, it doesn't go unnoticed that Winter begins this Wednesday. Christmas is a week away from tomorrow. Time didn't fly this year. Time took a bullet train. Oh wait! That's not true because the presidential election seems like it's still going on.

Music this time of year, I feel, is more important than any other time. The notes, like friends, lift you up to the joy of the season or to a memory of a sunny day last summer.

For today, shop for an album that lifts your spirits. 
Chose new to you music
Make a discovery 


  1. What alovely idea for a birthday present to me!

    1. Hi Tabor,
      Yes! Happy Birthday! Your New York surprise present is wonderful. Thank you for sharing photos
      Your blog photo of the bird with a droplet on its beak is amazing.
      Happy Holidays!


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