15 December 2016

Wind, Blahs, and Movies

Ooo Eee it is windy! As I type I can hear the wind howling and banging at the windows.
Earlier there was almost a white out in the backyard.
Errands will surely be a chilly bit of fun.
The last week or so has been so blah, I don't remember what they were.
Lentil soup is on the stove.
Blogspot fonts are still acting up/giving me cause to wonder if I'm having memory issues.
Wednesday night I remember to be on time when the Fox television show, "Lethal Weapon" begins. Uh, Holiday break...show returns 4 January 2017.

Movies to watch at least once (or more)...
Disney's, A Christmas Carol, 2009
A Christmas Carol, 1938
The Holiday, 2006
Something's Gotta Give, 2003
Prancer, 1989
White Christmas, 1954
Elf, 2003
A Charlie Brown Christmas, 1965
and at least one holiday movie not seen yet 

Update...adding the The Hallmark Channel holiday movies



  1. My favorite Christmas movie is "Scrooge" with Albert Finney. It is a musical, so be forewarned, but the songs are really good!

    1. Hi Jeri
      Yes! I've seen "Scrooge. Thank you for the reminder. "A Christmas Carol" with George C. Scott is another version worth watching.
      Happy Holiday!

    2. Hi May. Do you get the Hallmark Channel? I LOVE to watch all of the Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. Some may be rather "corny and predictable" but they are all such feel good movies and they really go along with the feeling of the season!

    3. Hi Carol,
      There are new movies on the Hallmark Channel this year that don't disappoint. "Christmas Cookies" will make anyone want to bake. "Christmas in Homestead" is a smile maker. Corny and predictable is good! The acting, I dare say, is as good as any block buster movie in theaters. The happy endings make watching those movies work every second. That kind of entertainment is what the World needs.
      Happy Holidays!


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