08 December 2016

Weathered Posts and Barbed Wire

     Did you know that barb wire is spelled three different ways, barb wire, barbwire, and barbed wire? This blogger's mind prefers barbwire as one word. 
Watercolor in progress detail 2013

A landscape drawing or painting with old posts and barbwire changes the entire narrative of the scene.  I paint the barbwire extra thick when its in the distance in order for it to look like a [barbwire] fence.
The first photograph is like meeting an old friend in person. A subject I've painted many times from afar now up close, and its sort of weird. I'm thinking, "I know you from my paintings." 

I should know the subject through sketching. This experience leaves me feeling sad (and a little silly) there are elements in landscapes that I haven't paid close attention to, taken for granted. There's a Nature anatomy that needs to be learned as well as human bone structure. Thinking of landscapes that way makes sense to me.
 On that blustery day it was snowing in the Adirondacks. Alas, the atmosphere and the camera were thinking differently. I didn't catch the snowfall I was seeing. Instead, I turn around to look at where I am.


  1. Beautiful. Nice to see things through your eyes. Much richer.

    1. Hello Tabor,
      Back at ya! I love your inspiring flying leaves post and photos.
      Thank you for the reminder to get out walking and taking pictures

  2. Maywyn your landscape is so gorgeous. Very warm and inviting. Love seeing barbwire fence in paintings. It is certainly a subject that is in my neck of the woods. Have a lovely weekend.. snow is in the forecast for us. :)!

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Thank you for the cookie recipe
      You comments warm my heart, thank you
      Happy Snowflakes!


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