09 December 2016

Twig Star

Twig art became a favorite in the last few years. Although I used twigs in the past for ornaments and vases, the interested becomes more fun as time rolls on. The number one rule I have is to thoroughly wash, (sometimes soak), and then dry before using them because bugs, mold and who knows might be lurking in those charming little pieces of tree and shrubbery. Soaking will make some twigs more pliable when curves are the goal.
Link is to a tutorial on Wikihow.com:     Twig Star Tutorial
Note, I prefer to work with the rustic brown jute twine instead of wire. Select a floss or twine in a color for added interest. The twigs can also be painted before or after assembly. You can wrap embroidery floss around the twigs or add just enough glitter for a woodland sparkle.
Last year's project* in its finished state, the Twig Peace sign in the photo, is on a piece of old board with a blue wash, and twigs hot glue to the board.
I haven't made anything this week to photograph for a post on handicrafts. This new schedule has its snafus to iron out, like number one...being prepared.

* First Twig Post 2014, Tips on Making Twig Letters


  1. A charming and simple art work. I must remember that, because I have lots and lots of twigs. I did do a few grape wreaths years ago.

  2. Hi Tabor,
    Wreaths! The easier to bend grape vines are really good for making letters as well. Have a lovely creative week-end!

    Thank you. The twigs used I think are from a black locust tree. Viburnum shrub clippings are neat twigs for small projects.


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