07 December 2016

Web Links' Wednesday

Alfred Meakin plate, [1930s] on Esty.com
Charming design, discovered while looking for a plate I bought at a thrift store. I didn't find my plate or its pattern name. A downfall of  buying vintage items you like is not finding more.

Swedish Cardamom Buns on Hither & Thither
The detail of how to make the buns is  outstanding with links, ingredients, and the cooking tools you'll need. Each holiday its a must to try a new cookie recipe. This year the list is expanding. Cardamom has health benefits.

Anti-Pill Fleece Fabrics, Moose,  and Deer
Make your own jacket, sweater, hat, gloves, or cozy throw. A rectangle of fleece sewn shoulder to shoulder inside seam along the seam under a coat label can provide additional warmth.
Snowing in the Adirondacks

Thinking about moving?
My results...in the Boston area where I grew up.
Fun quiz on Buzz Feed, Where in New England Should You Actually Live?

Speaking of Boston, check out the Elizabeth Swartz Interiors on Houzz.com I was browsing for dark, lots of wood and stone kitchens when I found the Beautiful Blue Waterfront Cottage on Martha's Vineyard. The light warms my heart like a cozy cabin fireplace.

I was searching for that just right winter hat in ecru, (favorite yarn color) when I found
the Women's Heat Holders Cable Knit Thermal Beanie. I wish they had a photo of the inside. Still, the reviews looks good.

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