13 December 2016

In Just the Right Light, a Choice

This Tuesday feature on paper felt easy because there's a lot I don't like that I don't want to post about. Complaining is one of them. I use to post reviews, and then sometimes deleted them. There are people with jobs I want them to keep attached to products, and, in the climate of violence in America,  forget about it means something. Reviews are an area I prefer to stay away from.

To face that fear...Given the choice to post a negative about a product it is fabric. I love fabric. I have a fabric collection. The oldest yardage is from 1974, and after a don't buy until I use what i have ban, none are newer than maybe two years.  

Here's the story...about eight years ago I bought a few yards of expensive flannel to back a quilt. Washed and out of the dryer, I was shaking it out before folding when in the light I just happen to see all this stuff flying in the air...fibers! Can a person breathe in those fibers? I'm no scientists, but I think maybe yes. A light surface scratching brings out more fuzz that I feel is UNreasonable. I used the fabric for rags.

Is all rayon and flannel made in that fuzzy way? I say no for rayon, and I don't know about flannel. I know years ago flannel shirts lasted a very long time (for my Da) wearing out at the collar and cuffs. I do know around here flannel shirts are difficult to find at rummage sales and thrift stores. This is Vermont. Plaid flannel shirts are almost as plentiful as maple trees. Besides, flannel is to shirts what denim is to jeans. Shabby or not...we wear them.

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