21 December 2016

Holiday Musings: Self Entertainment and Organization

My Little Tree
Imagine, stuff all over the table wrapping and boxing up gifts to mail. One and two go well.  Three is torn open twice, box is a  mess, and you have to start over. Later that night, you find your preferred glasses stuck to a packing tape holder.

If one is organized when wrapping and packing gifts, then things may go smoothly. The bonuses...with a light and festive attitude, laughs can abound while you hunt for things you just put down or had in your hand (and could very well be in your hand as you search)...and, chocolate that didn't fit in the mailing box. What a tragedy. I smile.
  • Designated small box used as a trash can (empty into big one later)
  • Basket for scissors, tape and packing tape
  • Basket for gift tags, ribbon and cards
  • Tissue paper in one place away from the table
  • Apron to keep bits of lint, paper, and glitter off your clothes
  • One Box at a time...wrap and pack
  • Write down note for perishable food, batteries and liquids (the US Postal worker will ask you about)
Today, 21 December 2016 is the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail recommended date to ship by.
A small budget doesn't make it easy to send a little something. Greeting cards can go a long way. It may be down to the wire now, but its not too late to send a holiday card. The arrival carries more thoughtfulness than the in transit time. 

Happy First Day of Winter!


  1. Maywyn I relate to the glasses stuck to tape, I try but get it all befuddled, you sound like you have it together, love and Merry Christmas, hugs,Diana

    1. Hi Diana.
      Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season with Peace, Happiness and Love!

  2. Hello and Merry Christmas to you. I am always delighted to receive a card, but terrible about sending them. We don't spend a lot on gifts either, so the few that I do purchase, get special treatment because I love to wrap presents.

    1. Hi Jerri,
      Merry Christmas!
      Wrapping presents is a lot of fun. For stuffing stockings...I've wrapped candy bars. A pack of gum is a wrapping challenge. lol


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