31 December 2016

Happy New Year!

Those slippers (photo) fell apart after much comfy wear. I miss them. Instead, I have washable knit ones with the bits of plastic on the bottom. New years aren't always a comfy fit like those slippers nor are new years washable. Years are what they are like a pint of coffee ice cream on a summer day, gone before we want it to be. We are a nano on this beautiful planet Earth's life. Significant as we are, anthropomorphic contributors that we be this living system we depend on needs us now more than ever to bring Peace. Yet, the greater the need, the more violence shoves Peace away.

The alluvial fan from the global mountain of turmoil spreads us around like pebbles. Stones somebody might pick up, polish and make into jewelry. I will be a free form white gold set clear quartz and prasolite necklace. Spiffy. Upbeat. Subtle. Chosen bits of Earth worn with determination to have a happy new year and continue to pray for Peace.

What will you be?

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