02 December 2016

Gesso Bones

What can that be?, digital photograph

There are discoveries in arts and crafts that will surprise you how adorable they are. When gesso dries on the insides of the container, the bones are left pliable, ready to pull out, and position on a canvas to create art. The above photograph is a black and white edited version of a detail of a gesso bone piece in progress. The bones or dry film is taken from the inner sides of a gallon container of gesso. The pieces have to be placed quickly before they dry out. Add white archival glue to edges that don't adhere to the canvas. Add gesso, objects, layers of gesso bones and/or paint until you have what you want. I study the forms before making decisions.
You can make gesso bones on purpose or wait for the natural formations. I prefer the natural style because its a favorite friend of my art brain, besties on the playground of gesso and canvas.
Gesso Bones, acrylic in progress

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