25 December 2016

Faux Deer Head Part 1

First thing this morning, I open the laptop to search for: faux deer head armature. I make notes and quick sketches. Changing the keywords to look at actual photographs of real deer and following links, I decide Red Deer have the most majestic antlers and widest face; White Tail Deer have the cutest faces; and the Mule Deer have attitude with antlers that sit well. The faux means not real as in fake. Thus, enters artistic license to create a stylized deer head and antlers.

Under the search results for wired deer head, I follow one to the blog, April and May. From there I follow the link provided to the website, instructables.com, DYI Wire Faux Taxidermy (how to make a wire deer head).
That faux deer neck reminds me of a small lampshade frame. Off I go looking for a frame top I use to hold artwork and photographs (top left in photo). I have a 9 inch x 9 inch backer board (yard sale find) that's a piece from a bookshelf. The lampshade  frame top is perfect because the light bulb holder sections can be bent up for the top, and the other down for the muzzle.
Now its time to clear the working area, cover it with plastic, drop cloth, self healing cutting board, and begin assembling the armature after lunch in front of the television today. I hope by this evening to have enough done for the first layer of plaster to be on and drying.

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