06 December 2016

About the Open Mind Blog Category

This Open Mind feature is about those things I don't ordinarily gravitate towards, like, feel comfy with, would chose when given a choice...here's the story, the first post

This feature needs a new name because I don't want any confusion with the PBS television program, The Open Mind. Whenever you try out a new title or name, its always a good idea to first search the Internet to see who is using those words. Oops on me (this time). Through the Internet our World may seem larger, but it can also feel smaller as people with similar ideas use similar words in similar ways.
Snow Falling in the Lane, 1906, Edvard Munch

In addition to the same thing, there is the reminder factor of hearing or seeing things that remind you of something else. I chose the Edvard Munch oil painting on the left because it reminds me of a poem I've been working on now and then for the last maybe three years, (the one about the man walking home one blustery cold night via the path near the old apple orchard.) There's also the association element to the Munch painting, The Scream. Being unique on the Internet can create such a reaction when developing your original ideas. It has for me.

So where does this all leave giving this feature a new name? I'm going for the name, Choice Given, selecting and posting about what to open my mind to.

What will this feature be? An exercise in challenging myself, and sharing those discoveries. What's your type? That is a question often asked for a variety of applications from color to a brand of butter. The knowing makes your life run smoother, more appealing, and organized. What don't you like? That is a question easier to answer, especially when shoe shopping or for inquiries about ice cream flavors.
I want to know something about something I don't know, and if asked would answer no, maybe someday, not right now, leave it for another time. Right away I think of scary things like white water rafting. Can I make peace with that sport? What will it bring to my life? This is what this feature is about in its early stages. Asking myself what was I thinking might appear at a later date.


  1. An interesting concept, and one which becomes ever more helpful as time goes on. Because of course eventually the unfamiliar becomes something about which you can have some interesting thoughts.

    1. Hello Jenny,

      Interesting thoughts for sure.
      I have several about white water rafting. When I see it on TV, I hide like I do watching monster movies. lol

  2. What is an open mind? Many seem to be thinking this cannot exist.

    1. Hi Tabor,
      That very thought crossed my mind many times. Its a very interesting subject to discuss in a group. I think of an open mind as acceptable to new ideas with a dash each of fortitude, tolerance and impartiality. :)


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