12 November 2016

The Snow Geese Good Bye

The main flock of snow geese at the Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area have taken flight today just after 11 AM EDT, heading northwest over Lake Champlain, and to the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. I'm guessing they follow the mountains south for the best flight conditions and such.They flew around for several minutes, (10-15+/-) before they moved on their way. The YouTube video is how they look and sound during their murmuration (word learned today from a photographer at Dead Creek pavilion). Years ago there use to be about the same amount as that in the video. Today's flock is much less.
Please note...There are geese heard farther back from the viewing area.
They went that'a way! (Center photo)
Lift Off
In Flight

Snow Geese Murmuration, YouTube


  1. AMAZING! I have been wanting to get to see the Snow Geese at the Dead Creek Wildlife Area for several years, and still have yet to go. Perhaps next year will be the year.

    1. Hi Carol,
      Planning a trip means following the news on the bird blogs to know the best time to visit. I read an article yesterday there are bigger flocks in New York state around Lake Champlain. Morning is a favorite for me because the sunrise glows through their open wings when they land. Its almost like seeing angels.


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