23 November 2016


Pi π

    Its always a treat for me to find Pi (π) in a photograph. The woods  around Middlebury, Vermont yesterday morning is covered in snow. The distant mountains all show snow on the ground. The magical quality of such landscapes is a holiday spirit element that warms the heart. As a kid, walking through the woods with snow falling off the trees, (hood up to keep the icy treat off one's neck) felt like being in a fantasy forest. As an adult, that feeling doesn't fade. So when I return home aching and tired from doing errands, having a mango smoothie and baby spinach with tomato sandwich is even more delightful.

Out and about yesterday began with dropping off another bag of books, and then finding a small bookshelf (Yay!) The theme of those hours is balance, the math of uplift and down draft,the chill of heartache and the glow of smiling; finding the good gloves instead of the ones with the holes in the fingers; and the right ratio of cranberry sauce to herb dressing.


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    1. Thank you Debra
      I blush.
      Happiest Thanksgiving to You & Your!


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