13 November 2016

Peace and Prayers for America

I am grateful that Peace is a word that most people understand without hesitation.

The weather today is beautiful, great for hiking, walking, sitting outdoors. The sky is blue. The wind is gentle. The temperature and humidity are getting along. Thoughts turn to better days, better understanding, and better time management to saute onions.

November Sandwich
Bread, open face
Applesauce unsweetened
Saute onions

Prayers for America

How is your day?


  1. Peace is definitely needed. Great post. Yesterday it was quite chilly and windy here in Montreal, and I made a pot of lovely homemade chicken soup. I am having the rest of it tonight. Great comfort food. :)

  2. Hi Linda,
    Homemade chicken soup and chili are favorite foods.
    Happy Monday!
    I hope you've had the chance to see the Super Moon.

  3. Peace and prayers for sure......and I love this picture!!!

    1. Thank you Carol!
      That means a lot coming from a fantastic photographer as you are.


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