27 November 2016

Old Painting

After posting the photograph of Winter Colors in Vermont, I kept thinking I have a painting with those colors somewhere. I remember how the branches weren't finished. In an old folder I found a photo, and then found the canvas rolled in a bin.

The painting is larger than I thought. The white on the left is glare on the bumpy painting. It needs to be re-stretched. The rest of 2016 I'll be dedicating to finishing up the unfinished artwork. Painting makes the days go by faster, and feel better. I need better days. Going through my student drawings, dragging out unfinished artwork, I can see clearly my priorities have been lop sided. I need healing time with my artwork.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Linda
      Have a wonderfully gorgeous week!

  2. Yes indeed-you are an artist. You NEED to get your art out of your head and hands and out for the world to see. This is a lovely painting. I hope you will really get at this and paint!!!!That's an order!!!!

    1. Thank you Debra!
      I have plastic over a table to spritz the bare canvas back. That will reduce the rolling bends, and make it easier to re-stretch.


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