02 November 2016

Naming Characters

     Names have always been a difficult choice to make even after consulting a dictionary, name website or list I have. Character name recyling  helps decrease the tension of selecting the right moniker. A genealogy list is a good place to find names for your characters. Creating a list of favorite names is also a good resource. In the Halloween story, Tinker is a name I've loved since childhood. I was too young to know my father's friend, but old enough to remember the tinker (traveling tinsmith fixing pots and such) when he visited our neighborhood. Good memories are a positive element to bring to a story.
     There are also websites online listing names by year, decade, and meaning. Sometimes I watch the credits after a movie or television show and inter-change the first and last names. Many times I make up the name. A made up name should always be researched to make sure its reputation is good. Names aren't only important by the era the story is set in. The time of the year can be important as well. Deciding on a character's name can be as difficult as naming your own children.

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