17 November 2016

Moderation, Sugar and the Beautiful Apple

The Bad Mood...a wretched way to feel starting out the day. Adding sugary cereal and/or sweets might make it worse, if you have a mood altering sugar sensitivity because sugar can change your body chemicals. Ever know anyone that misbehaves when they drink too much rum (sugar based) or hard cider (sugar based)? The anger - sugar connection has been around a long time. I watched a Rick Steves episode about a hard cider drink called scrumpy that's been banned or not served in places in the United Kingdom. Moderation is the key when having sugary foods and/or drink.

So are sweet dreams the cause of waking up with a bad mood? I don't think so. I believe not having enough sweet sleep is more the problem. At this time of year with food and drink being a large part of the celebratory traditions, its a good time to think about what is and what isn't going to sweeten your life.

Apples any time of year are a favorite fruit. As a replacement for ketchup, I've been using unsweetened applesauce. For me Thanksgiving isn't right without cider. I remember my first turkey dinner away from home looking for the cider. I was shocked, stunned, shaken to learn there are people that don't have cider at Thanksgiving. Gives me the chills to think about it.  I will not give up the cider.

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  1. Sugar makes my heart race and my head ache! I see such a difference in my well-being when I eliminate refined sweets from my diet. AND the weight falls off too> But when it comes to Cider, I too, find it to be a traditional drink in Autumn and at Christmas, that I love.

    1. Hi Jeri,
      Your flying bunnies display is a treat any time of the year. Wising you well at the craft show this week-end.

      Weight is a big problem with sugar. Cider and maple syrup are good lessons in teaching myself restraint. :)

  2. I bake in the fall and can usually restrict my intake...but I pretty much ate a whole bunch of homemade chocolate chip cookies last week and drank three glasses instead of two of wine. I am back on track this week.

    1. Hi Tabor,
      Being on track only mean we can stop at a station for a look around. :) Happy Baking!

  3. I LOVE apple cider. I've got a gallon jug sitting outside the back door right now, because there isn't room in the tiny fridge. Bet you a nickel that jug is empty long before the cider has a chance to turn!
    And I lucked out and got a peck of Rhode Island Greenings from the orchard this year, even though they didn't get many. After three years, I think these are now my favorite "heritage" apple. When I bake a cake with Greenings, the cake (and the whole kitchen) smells so much more apple-y than with other varieties I've tried. Although...those other ones were good, too. Hmmm. I'm like you, I think. I just love apples :)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Thank you for the recommendation on Rhode Island Greenings.
      My all time favorite is Macs. The last few years I've been trying others. I'd like to get a juice machine to make my own apple cider.


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