18 November 2016

Make Room for What Fits Your Heart

Anyone that collects books by choice or by a book spirit taking over your mind when you're near books, probably knows that culling them can feel futile. Imagine pixies in the bottom of the boxes or in back of the bookshelves printing more books to replace the ones you put in the donation stacks or books moving around your home like a thick flock of starlings murmuring before they land in every available space. On the plus side, under the beds there's no room for monsters when bins of books neatly fill the entire space. 
Volume 2
Old books are special. I bought a discard set at a local library book sale several years ago, the Smithsonian Scientific Series, 1929. Talk about fascinating! Sure, twelve big books take up room, but in the heart they fit really well. 

It takes committed determination to force myself to have the donate stack bigger than the keeping stack. So far  I've managed to fill up two full grocery bags, and plan on two more bags before I'm down to the books I will keep. 

B&W Plate 33
The photo of Plate 33 is of sun and sky measurement instruments, pyrheliometer and pyranometer,  being shown by (left to right) L. B. Aldrich, C.G Abbot and A. Kramer. Kramer is the instrument maker. Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Harvard University...Charles Greeley Abbott was the director from 1906~1942, and Loyal Blaine Aldrich followed him as director from 1942~1955. Guys in ties! Scientists.  

So while I said too many times today the words, I can't get rid of that...I made enough room for these wonderful volumes on a shelf (instead of in a box).


  1. Ah Maywyn I know what you mean about those stack of books. I must get busy too but will wait until later: )!! Hugs
    P.S. we had our first snow this weekend too. Think it will melt tomorrow though. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    1. Hi Debbie
      The local library sale stopped accepting donations until spring. The thrift stores usually accept books all year round.
      Happy Thanksgiving!


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