16 November 2016

Landscapes and Nature

Shinnecock Hills from Canoe Place, oil, William Merritt Chase
William Merritt Chase (1849~1916) is an artist I posted about in 2014. His paintings of Shinnecock Hills, Long Island, New York signify to me what summer is all about. Alas, times change landscapes as development has its way. I don't know if the area looks the same today as when Chase painted his landscapes.
Now its Nature at work there as thousands of dead fish clog the canal in Shinnecock, Long Island, New York. A sad situation.

Artists do important work recording the history of an area. There are landscapes I wish I could pull from my brain to paint. Indeed, there are paintings stored there, images viewed over the years specifically to paint. I've not tried that before, to paint from memory without sketches one of those special moments in my history.

Are their landscapes you have stored away to paint? Have you transferred any of them to brush, pigment and onto canvas or paper?
Shinnecock Hills Summer, 1895,  pastel by William Merritt Chase


  1. I do not have the talent for painting, but do love to photoshop my landscapes as I travel. Your photo background is so peaceful and lovely.

    1. Tabor,
      Painting is out and about for the soul. Splash around a few acrylics, and I bet you'll be surprised how much fun it can be.
      Happy Week!

  2. So beautiful, and such a wonderful evocation of summer time.
    Helen xox

  3. Hi Helen,
    Your pumpkin houses have been on my mind since I read about them on your blog on 14 November. I have an old linen tablecloth to make into a pillow to resemble the pumpkin houses. Getting out the sewing machine today :)


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