15 November 2016

Collecting Materials to Recycle into Crafts

Open the drawer, box or bin with one thing in mind...If you can't make something with what you find, then add to recycle bin or throw it away.
For many that might sound easy. For those of us that collect materials for just in case can use it to make something, its a very difficult task. I watch television and read articles about how to de-clutter in ways that are designed to help the person that doesn't want to let go, let go. Ugh, its a such a chore letting go. I tried it recently, and to my surprise...I made something! Yay for the tada!
Material's List for a Straight Pin Holder:
Clean spice bottle with shaker lid
Foam back drapery material

Remove the label on the spice bottle
Cut foam backed fabric to fit over the sticky glue residue
Cut a penny size round dot to glue to top of the lid
Write on the fabric PINS in various size font and styles 
~ Fill 3/4 to allow room for shaking out pins

I use a magnet straight pin holder and various pin cushions. This pin holder it on my desk for those bits that seem to surface now and then. When I'm on the floor pinning a sewing pattern, having the pins in a bottle will neater. One shake and what I need will fall out where I want them.

Making this little pin holder has rescued from being trashed a small amount of materials I've collected to make crafts, holiday ornaments mostly. For example, wire from old computer parts, plastic casing from stripped electric wire, broken plastic clothes hangers, little bits of plastic from new clothes, sock hangers, wallpaper remnants and cardboard packing shapes. Even the plastic over emery boards can be used as a mold for making plaster of Paris pieces that can be used in artwork and crafts. 
When I was a kid, and Norumbega Park in Newton, Massachusetts was open, I took apart a small toy to see printed newspaper inside. It was made from recycled cardboard and paper! I was amazed by how wonderful that is to be so resourceful. Since then, I've been a collector of cardboard from clothes, notebooks, and such. I add most of it to the recycle bin. I only store away some for crafts. I smile.

Do you have a favorite material to collect?

Norumbega Park Video Clip


  1. I recycle any small succulent plant ... always I make succulent plant reproduction! I'm sorry, I not can to throw any piece of succulent plants ... with this can get a new life! I also have kept milk cans, can be turned into beautiful gifts decorated with wool all, right? Your recycling is useful, good idea! hope you have a nice day!

    1. Hi Cristina,
      A nice day to you as well
      I'll give milk cans a try to decorate. They'll make a sturdier structure than using boxes. I have to seal cardboard gift boxes I make to keep them from getting soggy when wet.

  2. Heading to a presentation on just this subject in a few weeks.

    1. Hi Tabor,
      Your eagle pictures are fantastic! I look forward to reading about the presentation on your blog.

      Have a great week

  3. Love seeing something repurposed. I like to make my own sauces and relishes, so any glass jar here is getting a second life!

    1. Hi Pat,
      I look across the room at the unopened dozen quart canning jars I bought on a whim wishing you lived closer! I've never canned anything in my life. :)

  4. How sweet...and useful...is that! Finally back from summer travels, but have had to deal with a husband's surgery as of late - taking time away from me reading, etc. I look forward to getting back in the swing of things, and reading what you've been up to. Happy Wednesday, May! XOXO

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Breath taking post about your trek to 11 thousand feet above sea level. :)
      Prayers all goes well with your husband's surgery
      I've been up to good, Tanya. Big smile.
      Happy Week to you!


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