05 November 2016

A November Landscape

Looking east towards Bristol, Vermont
East of Route 7 in Addison County yesterday morning a huge stratus cloud (below 6000 feet) hovers over the November landscape. It stretches from Monkton down into the Middlebury area. The photos are taken from a parking lot, not while driving. I suspect a bit of snow might have tickled the mountain top air. At this lower elevation, sunlight where foliage color in town (where its warmer), is just on the down side of peak. The long and low cloud formation is sort on the eerie side, parallel to Route 7, (best seen in the last photograph below).   Click to enlarge photos

Looking northward to Monkton, Vermont
Looking towards Middlebury, Vermont from New Haven
Cloud and mountain meet

Sunlight west of the stratus cloud edge over a past peak foliage landscape

Looking towards Bristol, Vermont from New Haven along Route 7
Stratus cloud parallel to Route 7 looking east in New Haven, Vermont

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