06 October 2016

Wild Apple Trees

There are two or three tall wild apple trees I've been taking photos of for several years on an as I happen to walk by basis.  I don't walk by there every year. In the years I have, there are always lots of apples on the tree as well as on the ground. This year I found no apples on the ground. In one tree there are two apples, and the other I found only one.
Wild Apple Tree October 2016

There are several reasons why an apple tree doesn't bear fruit or much of it. I worry about the  bee decline as in flowers not pollinated. I'd rather see the apples grow, ripen, and picked to be put to good use for animal feed or composting.

Green Wild Apple

Next spring I hope there are a lot of bees pollinating the trees.

Wild Apple Tree in October 2014


  1. How sad. I hope you get more apples next year.

    1. Hi Loree,
      The wild apple tree looks rather healthy despite the absence many of apples. Maybe it needed the rest.
      Have a lovely weekend!


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