25 October 2016

Snake Mountain Foliage 2016

The 2015 foliage on Snake Mountain, Addison, Vermont was more gold than the vibrant orange of 2016.  Compare the colors in the last post with the photo above taken on 24 October 2016 at 3:05 PM Eastern Time from the Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge visitor's viewing area looking east.
The sky and light are glorious that afternoon.
The low and dark blue cloud cover allows the sun to shine through on the Earth for stages of brilliant color (against the darker distance). The 2nd picture is taken right after the first looking north across Route 17, Addison, Vermont. (The snow geese flock is directly behind me off frame, fewer geese, but still there.)
Westward, are the peaks of the Adirondack Mountains showing a top off of snow, and color foliage below. The photo is taken with the Canon SX150 12x optical zoom as far as it will go.
The 4th picture is a zoom close up of a section of the rock ledge on Snake Mountain. In places the zoom is clear, and others it appears grainy. I think the atmosphere plays a part in how sharp the distant images will turn out. In the 5th photo below, on the right top edge of the mountain is the rocky ledge in the 4th picture above.
I didn't expect to go out and about that day. When I saw the sky, I knew it might be the last chance to catch good color. Besides, at the Addison Four Corners Store (intersection of Route 17 and Route 22A), the homemade donuts are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Oh my, I realize, Its Monday. Alas, I didn't see them right away, and forgot the donuts. Anyway, the afternoon turns out to be full of photographs I want to paint from; and after all, tomorrow is Wednesday. I smile.
Snake Mountain, Addison, Vermont

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