10 October 2016

Painting: Photo Panorama

New Haven River in Autumn, main photo

There are numerous places for great landscape photographs along the New Haven River in Lincoln and Bristol, Vermont. I selected the photo on the left as the one to add to my file for painting indoors during the cold months.

Using the Panorama setting, the photo is made into a wide view. You can also print out pictures to tape them into a panorama image.
New Haven River, panorama view

New Haven River, photo section

The addition line is just on the end of the large boulder center right in the panorama image; and, in the last picture on the left edge.


  1. A beautiful place, and beautiful photos! Wonderful inspiration for winter painting Maywyn. Happy Fall!
    Helen xox

    1. Hello Helen,
      Happy Fall to you!
      Its interesting to read your weather has chilled to autumn about the same time as it has here in New England.

  2. What a beautiful place - perfect for photos.

    1. Hello Loree,
      The New Haven River is a quiet place. The photo is my favorite spot in one of the few places along the country road that's wide enough to make it sort of safe to park.
      Have a creative week!


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