26 October 2016

October Cornstalks

After the Harvest, digital photo

From a few dozen photographs, this is the one that captivates my imagination. This week's Will Do List number one task is complete. The next is to paint a watercolor. The above is the photograph to be a watercolor. In my heart the digital form is my favorite because I was there feeling the expanse of the area. For me that's all right, but for the painting there will be more field to the right and left.

The why of this choice is in two parts. Decades ago I opened a book to see Andrew Wyeth's  1942 tempera painting, Winter Fields, presently at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Seeing the frozen crow in a field, at first I balked. Then fascination drew me in that Wyeth created beauty from such a wormy worthy subject.
The other part of the reason is a life long love of the lonely harvested fields, the dry sound of corn clacking, and a brisk cold wind against my face. There in the middle of a beloved landscape Wyeth paints a dead bird. Those missed cornstalks to me are like Wyeth's frozen crow. I don't know if my painting will tell the story as well. Creating is full of those unexpected challenges.

Across from Route 17, the Cornstalks, digital photo

I take several photos of the area when I find an interesting subject or landscape.
The cornstalks are just left of center in the picture on the left.


  1. Beautiful images....such a wonderful subject for a painting.
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you, Helen
      I love your pumpkin houses!
      I've decided to use a old linen table napkins as the background fabric to make a fabric house.

  2. Dear Maywyn I know this subject would make a gorgeous watercolor. There is a nostalgic feel to the photo. I can see why it speaks to your heart- it certainly does mine. Have a blessed afternoon.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      The closer I look at the field, the more it reminds me of watercolor. I penciled in on watercolor paper last night a practice piece from the photo.
      Wishing you a creative day!


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