30 October 2016

Almost No Story This Halloween

I was almost finished writing another Halloween installment for last year's story when the laptop keyboard did its nasty delete thing. I have no idea what keys do that. I didn't click delete. However, three letters were left on the page, "ugh." I didn't take a photo for proof. I just sat there stunned, and began looking for where the text might have gone to.  Ghostly commentary? Who knows. The Internet has been acting weird for weeks now.

I will post the story later this week. 

Vertical Cloud, October 2016


  1. If you think of it next time that happens, it's worth a try to hit ctrl-V to see if the text will "paste" back in the original spot or even in a document. If it was "cut" it will still be on that imaginary clipboard our computers carry around with them.
    On the other hand, I'll be darned if I can figure out how the kittens keep opening Help windows I've never seen before. And composing tweets!

    1. Happy Halloween Quinn!

      Thank you! I hope that works next time.

  2. Dear Maywyn I can feel your pain regarding the delete button. I think at times spooks work behind the scenes messing with our computers. Naturally it is never our fault: )!! Hugs

    1. You're absolutely right, Debbie. :)
      I managed to post what I remember.


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