13 October 2016

Life in the Blur

Red Wing Black Birds Blurred

Being depressed feels much like a flock of the birds flying by in a blur, only you aren't moving, going anywhere or getting anything much done.

The camera doesn't have a sports setting. It is frustrating waiting and waiting for the birds to rise out of the corn where you know they are because you tried to take a photo when they flew in there. "Will you ever fly out!" Lament.
One big task chosen for the day with smaller ones on the side, in case energy allows, helps put things in focus as well as make life feel better.
As I type here, the clouds are moving steadily east as they grow darker. I've seen this before, rain forecast that falls elsewhere. Today I'm confident after looking at the NOAA radar weather map, there will be rain here today.

Red Wing Black Birds Not Blurred

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