29 October 2016

Halloween and the Scary Story

Last year on Halloween, 31 October 2015 I posted a micro-short story, Eerie & Scary: Three Point Turn. I read it today cringing at the mistakes, the amateurish tone, missed opportunities to build suspense, and one very noticeable slip of hold handing that's suppose to be hand holding.

I began blogging back in 2008 with posting weekly installments of suppose to be scary stories. Its been over sixty years wanting to be a published author while not being. Its supremely sad. Sort of because I am the author of this blog. I enjoy writing, and the imaginary audiences that have never failed me. People have told me that I'm a good writer. Yet, I feel I don't challenge myself  well enough.

Here's the thing...I like reading, and writing scary mystery stories. However, when the narrative should be scary, I hesitate  to write it because what if it comes true thing. Silly. I was in my thirties before I could look at a cemetery at night. I've seen at a distance one definite (maybe more, i don't need to know) full body apparition. Conversations with ghosts, No. I do say aloud, "If there's anyone here, stay out of the bathroom when I'm in there!" Use a recorder, No. I do have, taken by surprise when uploading them photos.  The paranormal can be very dangerous.

Religion can cause conflict when a writer likes writing scary stories. Maybe that's why I don't challenge myself. Maybe humour is a better choice. I'm conflicted whether to write and post or not the next episode for last year's Halloween special/story. I guess we'll all know at midnight on Halloween whether to laugh, be scared or both.


  1. I understand what you are saying...I think that this life of ours is scary enough to be involved with paranormal issues.Economic hardship hangs over us, an endless list of threats all around the world...Humour yes, I'm with you!

    1. Hello Olympia,
      Good words.
      I'm leaning towards the laugh.

  2. This is a quandary for you! I think humor is more difficult to write than mystery, but a lot more uplifting, to be sure. Because we all have a different sense of humor, it can be tricky. I have written some posts that I found hilarious, but only about 5 readers understood my humor and the posts were virtually ignored. I go back and read them occasionally, and still get a good laugh at myself. Still, I would stick with the funny stuff and take the risk.

    1. Hello Jeri,
      You do write funny stuff. I think readers sometimes get distracted and forget to respond.
      Story almost finished when laptop keyboard pixie deleted all but the letters, "ugh" at the top of the page. I wish I took a photo of it. I didn't rewrite what I had. I decided not to post a story today. Just now when I was typing a reply, Wifi connection went out. It happened yesterday but later in the evening.

      Happy Halloween!

  3. The photo is very beautiful. I think scary is fine as long as it's done well. I don't like it if there is too much gore.

    1. Hello Loree,
      I also don't like gory stories. It puzzles me why so many people like that kind of fiction.


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